What This "Thingle" All About?

First there was Pinterest, then there was Gentlemint and the battle of social photo sharing began (see: Pinterest vs Gentlemint). But now a new site has entered the arena! Thingle.com is being billed as “Wikipedia meets Pinterest”, and was launched earlier this year. The site was created by the Zurich-Swiss/New York start-up Thingle with the aim of creating “the most exciting and useful social web platform on the Internet”. Unfortunately for them, this rather bold ambition will have to involve overthrowing the mighty Facebook and Twitter.

So what’s Thingle? At first glance its basically Pinterest. Thingle lets you organise and share images and videos representing all the things that you are passionate about. Sound familiar? Once a user has created or shared an object it becomes known as a Thingle, not a Pin, and these objects can be arranged into Collections, not Boards. In fact if you are an avid ‘Pinner’ you should pick up Thingle easily.

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 13.54.16.png

Well what’s different then? Thingle’s selling point is that it focuses on real world objects i.e. things you can touch, visit, taste, experience, travel to, buy or rent. This is the Wikipedia-esque side of the site that sets Thingle apart from Pinterest. Thingle is attempting to implement this by encouraging users to provide extra information. When creating a Thingle users can add additional images from every angle, include links and add tags. Users can also later add to their Thingle by commenting and editing.

Can Thingle succeed? Its still early days for Thingle and the company faces a tough challenge trying to win market share from the other social networks. Thingle’s main competitor is clearly Pinterest and I'd personally say that Thingle’s stunning aesthetics and user friendly environment trumps that of Pinterest.

Thingle’s Facebook page already has 62K likes which proves that the company is effectively raising brand awareness. Add to that the fact that from over 200,000 young companies, Thingle was named as a Swiss TOP 100 Startups winner for 2012. The company claims that the beta version of the site is constantly improving and they have tons of useful features in the pipeline. Watch this space...

Do you think Thingle could ever challenge the might of Pinterest? If not, what does it need to do to get a foothold?

Post written by Account Executive Michael Grenfell. Visit Michael's blog 'The Bodge' here.

Paul Shepherd

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