How are brands reacting to Pokémon Go?

It’s not even hit the UK yet but we have heard all about it haven’t we? Pokémon Go has already surpassed Facebook-owned apps Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram; and also Twitter and Snapchat in average usage time in the US. It has even added $9 billion to the market value of the gaming company. Niantic, the developer behind the killer app has confirmed that it will feature sponsored locations in the future. But how are brands reacting to this truly worldwide phenomenon right now?


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More and more brands will undoubtedly look to get involved in some way, either via social media or in-store (in real life). Brands can put out ‘lures’ too, which has seen massive numbers descend on a single location eager to find Pokémon! But how can brands really utilise this new obsession? We think that getting your name out there and simply being part of the conversation will be ideal. This is something fun, and we expect the more light-hearted brands to do well here. Some have started opening up wifi connections as a way of allowing uninterrupted play for potential customers. Anything that is helpful and fun will engage with this new crowd on the bloc. Who said playing games was bad for you? So get out there. You know that you have gotta catch ‘em all.