Will the ‘Cameron hum’ on the doorsteps of 10 Downing Street go down as one of the greatest mishaps in history?

Did that really happen? Yes. It did. And yes, we cannot believe it as well. The outgoing Prime Minister of Great Britain was caught last night humming a little tune that has got the world talking. The ‘Cameron hum’ happened following the announcement by the PM that Theresa May will take the top job as of Wednesday (a lot sooner than we expected). We love the tune here at Coup Media, and wonder whether this is where the soon to be former Prime Minister will now focus his time and energy. When is the album out David?

We have put together our top 4 Cameron mishaps. What is your favourite?

1. Cameron's jibe at 'wallet snatcher' Alex Salmond

2. Cameron heard saying Queen ‘purred’ over Scotland’s no vote

3. Cameron’s boast to the Queen that the leaders of Afghanistan and Nigeria are ‘Fantastically corrupt’

4. Cameron hums a tune after resigning