Grandpa, Goats & Jamaicans...

No, this isn't the beginning of a joke but a simple description of things to expect this Super Bowl Sunday.

Billed as the biggest sporting event in world; the Super Bowl raked in over 111 million viewers last year, so it's no surprise that it gets the social networks stirring. However, why is it the talk never seems to be on the action in the game but more on how good the half time advertisements were?

The question therefore is, are the TV adverts bigger than the sport - is the Super Bowl not being played on the field but during the breaks in the action. Is the Super Bowl just the biggest marketing event in world? 

Here is a simple Q and A that could prove a point. In 2011, who won the Super Bowl?


Still struggling. That's ok, next question. Which car company was this adorable Little Darth Vadar advertising during the half time break?

The advert has 56 million online to date.

Perhaps this is a slightly biased question as the Super Bowl isn't quite the event in the UK as it is in the U.S. but the point still remains - so what can we expect from this year. Here's a list of all the things social networks will be talking about this Sunday:

  • - We can expect at least one viral hit. (The Hot favourite is this Grandpa running riot on a football field) 
  • - A LOT of YouTube views - The top ten videos from last years Super Bowl have 152 million views between them, so expect to see similar figures.

  • - Cars, beer and boobs - The standard loves of any red blooded American sports fan.

  • - To be talking about VolksWagen (again) - They return again this year, and as expected - it's pretty good. Take a look.
  • - Comedy - you cannot have SuperBowl adverts without a little bit of humour

  • - Big Brands and Even Bigger budgets - Coca Cola's teaser trailers look like it may have set them back a couple of quid. With no idea where it is heading, expect it to get elaborate, expensively elaborate. 

  • - Movie Previews - Everyone loves a good movie preview and some big films are looking to cash in on the attentive NFL audience. The latest Star Trek film is expected to lead the way, after all, every Trekkie is a hidden NFL fan - right?

  • - Celebs - What better time to get your face out there, expect to see at least Kate Upton and Kelly Couco (the one from the Big Bang Theory) - no doubt to be joined by many more.

  • - Animals - A lot animals are featuring throughout the SuperBowl ads. The main culprit for this is Doritos. Which may seem like an odd paring but you cannot fault the amusing results.
  • - And finally an infomercial? - It is one of the more bizarre adverts out there but its ambiguous nature combined with not being sure where this one is going does pave the way to an interesting conclusion at least. Here is all we have to go at the moment - where do you think this is heading?

There you have it, a run down of 10 things to expect this Super Bowl Sunday. It should be a good one, get ready for some record breaking views, shares and heck there may even be some American Football! 

To get you in the mood for some NFL action here is a little viral video to ease you in...

This post is written by Studio Manager Will Gray