Tweview XFactor - Week 5

It's a hat-trick for Twitter sentiment as Tweview sees the bottom contestant in our chart wave goodbye from The X Factor this weekend. Here is what we found from this week's show:

Abi Alton was voted out this week. She spent the whole week at the bottom of the charts before finally being evicted on the weekend.

- Even though Abi Alton was voted out, Sam Callahan had the worst weekend. Dropping a further 3 places, adding to the 2 places he dropped last week. Sam dropped to the bottom of the chart as soon as soon as Abi’s eviction was confirmed. 

Hannah Barrett was also in the shows bottom 2 after she collected the lowest amount of positive tweets and had the lowest amount of tweets overall this weekend. She also dropped a place in the chart to complete the bottom 3.

Official Sam Bailey still sits at number 2 in the chart. But she now has the highest amount of positive tweets, highest positive difference and the lowest growth in negative tweets from all the acts.

- In an otherwise slow week for Nicholas Mcdonald, he still holds the top spot but only down to the low amount of negative tweets. He has picked up the lowest amount of negative tweets out of all the contestants.

Rough Copy UK still has the strongest fan base, the boys have had the most tweets 5 weeks in a row. However, their volume sees a good balance of negative and positive tweets. Meaning they stay 5th in the charts.

Tamera Foster is a hot favourite for winning the show, but doesn’t seem to be making much noise on Twitter. This saw her land into the bottom 2 last week and saw her again pick up the lowest amount of tweets this week. She still remains at number 4 in the chart, the small volume she does have is mostly positive. 

Luke Friend still maintains the number 3 slot in the chart and continues to see his fan base grow. He could be a shock winner of the show as he has the most traction leading into the final weeks of the show.


Paul Shepherd

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