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Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself - I'm Tom and I'm new to Coup! I’ve been here for nearly a month now so I thought I would write a blog about how it has been so far...

I’ve always taken a great interest in social media and it’s an area that I’ve wanted to get involved in on a professional level for some time. For the last year or so I’ve done a few bits and pieces for different people including: an indie record label, an online magazine and a radio DJ. Having the chance to work at an agency like Coup Media was something I couldn't miss out on!

So what's it like to work at Coup Media? In a word... it's great!

The team have all been very welcoming and helpful, I feel like I have settled in really well and learnt a great deal in a relatively short space of time. The tea and coffee making facilities in the office are excellent (something that was severely lacking in my previous position) and there is a conveniently placed Tesco Express next door. So all in all, a pretty good set up...

Apart from enjoying the kettle and local amenities I have also got around to doing some work! I started on Monday 11th March and hit the ground running, which for me, is always the best way to learn when starting something new. I have taken over the Principality Premiership account which involves managing the online community and all their online content. The Premiership fans/followers are very responsive, making this a really enjoyable community to work with. I’ve also been assisting Steve with work for the Oi! Conference that takes place this summer.

A fair amount of my time over the last 3 or 4 weeks has been spent working on the National Trust/Cadbury’s Easter Egg Trail campaign. This was my first “crack” at a blogger outreach project and again, it was something I really enjoyed. I have been speaking to some lovely bloggers with young families who were very happy to work with the National Trust! I was also looking to build blogger relations for future work with the National Trust and promote the Easter Egg Trails that took place over the Easter weekend. The campaign ran for about 2 weeks and was very successful! We got some bloggers running competitions and in turn created some great coverage through the National Trust Facebook & Twitter accounts. National Trust Wales benefitted by reaching out to a wider relevant audience and increasing engagement, this also meant that we saw a boost to their Facebook likes and Twitter Followers! 

I have since continued to keep in touch with my new blogger friends and hopefully we can continue to work together on the next National Trust project!  


I am now looking at getting involved with Traveline Cymru and the #TravelineHeroes campaign as well as focussing on developing new business prospects! I have cleared a whiteboard, ready to be filled with potential new clients. 

I have had a fantastic first month here at Coup Media and I'm really looking forward to continuing to learn more and I'm hoping to get involved with as many projects as possible! 

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